Huge Pixelart Set by s4m_ur4i

All in Pixelart SALE!

You can now pick up all my pixelart assets on itch for just 16.50$ total.

This sale gives 36% off on all current artworks, everything is included. The biggest sale yet, including the new soulslike pixelart tileset.

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soulslike pixelart tileset

Release: 2D soulslike pixelart Tileset

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free pixelart tileset
pixelart by s4m_ur4i

Free pixelart tileset

Hey folks, this time you get a free minimal tileset with a futuristic / post-apocalypse setting. It's 8x8, wonderful color-palette by:

There are only a few animations: player walk, and a fan spinning, and water. Since it's so minimalistic, most motion should be done in your engine of choice :) It's free for commercial use also! Please enjoy and share!

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